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26th December 2014 : Boxing Day Walk to Aughton

Riverside view

Trees at side footpath

A view looking towards Brookhouse.

A Dead tree

A view looking back down the Lune Valley

A old tree at side of the footpath near Aughton Barns.

A view of Aughton.

A view of the old farm house at Middle Highfield.

Peter’s  flask

A fell tree at side of footpath as we headed towards Halton Park.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

The Boxing Day Walk is something that I organise each year sometimes its well supported but other years its not that well supported which was case for this year ride which was mainly down to me leaving the South Lakes Group earlier on in the year and not being advertise in the Rough-Stuff Journal which was a pity.

I had move the start of the walk from Silverdale and Arnside area where the locals tell you there a walk for every day of the year and tend to agreed with this but early on in December the exhaust on my van broke and to be honesty could not real afford to fix it after spending over £500 on it early on in the year to get it through its MOT, so I decide to live with out it for few months until I could afford to fix it.

Anyway I move the start of the walk to Halton Station so that I could walk down to start of the walk.

I join at start of the walk by Peter Kenner who happen to be still a director of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited which local members of the RSF tend to forget about but we had interesting conversation about where the RSF was heading, yes I still interest in the RSF and still a little bitter about being push out of local group that I started over twenty years ago and maybe hard act to replace, as local members are finding out and yes I notice that the group down to fortnightly rides instead of the weekly rides of the past few years but end of the day that chapter of my life is over and more interest in developing this web site.

We did not come to any conclusions or come up with any brilliant ideals on how to increase the membership of the RSF as we wander up the Lune Valley but the only thing we agreed on its down to hard work of local members on ground  who are prepare to lead a local ride around there local area under the RSF colours maybe once a month or fortnightly or weekly and for the national committee to back them up before you see any more increases in membership or if this does not happen maybe the RSF become part of cycling history.

The going was wet under foot as we followed the footpath along the bank of the River Lune up to Crook O’Lune where we cross over west bank to follow the footpath up to the Water work bridge which carries Manchester water supply over the River Lune. We then carry on a bit further valley weather start to improve with appearance of sunshine, as we headed towards Aughton Barns, the climb from Aughton Barns up to Aughton village would make a good venue for hill climbing competition, yes it was that steep.

From Aughton we followed the footpath through the Highfields that’s Far, Higher and Lower. The views looking back down into the Lune Valley were outstanding on the climb up to Far Far Highfield. We did stop to look through the gate of the Old Farm House in Middle Highfield before stopping to have bite to eat after passing through Lower Highfield.

After our refueling stop, we followed footpath around to Halton Park, then did a bit of road work to get us back down to Crook O’Lune and then headed back along cycle path back to Halton Station.

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