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13th August 2017 ride to Wray (Page two)

13th August 2017 ride to Wray (Page two)
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Bee on a flower at side of Aughton Road
Common Knapweed in flower at side of Aughton Road
Meadow Vetchling in flower at side of Aughton Road
The view looking across the fields down into the Lune Valley towards Hornby from Aughton Road
Tree on the skyline
A closer a view of the tree.
I was planning to do great things on this ride like going to Feizor but was side track with setting up the new laptop which I bought because my old laptop had got stage in its life where there not enough memory for software which I was using on the laptop. So it was time for change of laptop and it does take a bit time to do this, moving software from one laptop to the other but I  think in the end it was worth it, as I do things like updating this website and edit photos a lot faster.

Anyway I some how lost most of morning playing with the new laptop, so I decide to make best use of the afternoon by having ride up to Wray for coffee and cake.

So I headed out of Halton on the Low Road, which I followed down to the Crook O'Lune where I got on to the cycle path which I follow up to Bull Beck Bridge where I join the A683 which a bit busier on Sunday afternoon than on Sunday morning when I usually use this stretch of tarmac, its a pity that the Lune Valley Cycle Path do not extend as far Hornby, as the traffic on this length of the A683 seem to putting off cyclist's from using a bit more often, if you put up with traffic the views on both sides are outstanding has you are riding through the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which for those of you reading this outside is national park, which a lot of locals like my self tend to forget about and keep reminding my self when I look at the views in this part of the Lune Valley.

After few miles on the A683, I was soon on the B6480 heading up to Wray for brew at the Bridge House Farm Tearoom.

After the coffee and cake stop retrace my route back along the B6480 to Butt Yeats where I followed the tarmac into Hornby for another short section on the A683 before following the road down to Loyn Bridge which is only crossing point over River Lune between Caton and Kirkby Lonsdale.

Then I was soon heading up Fleet Lane and then following Lea Lane through the hamlet of Eskrigge. As may have notice from looking at photos in this report there a lot of different wild flowers at side of Lea Lane. After a bit more climbing, I was dropping down to Aughton Road and you wonder why the 'Way of the Roses' cycle route makes detour out Lune Valley its because of the views from Aughton Road looking down into Lune Valley are outstanding.

On the climb out of Aughton, I was caught up by couple cycling to Heysham to catch the ferry to Isle of Man the next day. They soon left me to follow Park Lane down to Crook 0'Lune, I continue along Kirkby Lonsdale Road back to Halton.

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Ride report by Simeon Orme
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