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2nd September 2018 ride to Wharfe (Page two)

2nd September 2018 ride to Wharfe (Page two)
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The café photo at Elaine's Tearooms in Feizor
Early Autumn colour at side of the Pennine Bridleway on way out of Feizor
A tree on the skyline at side of the Pennine Bridleway on the climb out of Feizor
A tractor park at side of the Pennine Bridleway
Start of the bridleway into Wharfe
A view of Wharfe
Rose hips at side of Nutgill Lane
Honeysuckle fruit at side of Nutgill Lane
Guelder Rose fruit at side Dumb Tom's Lane
Leaves at top of hedge near Four lane Ends
I have come to conclusion that good ride report is worth its weight in gold, its inform you the reader of this ride report what happen on the day and may be you think about coming out on ride with us in the not to distance future and some thing for me and other members to read and remind us what happen on the day which I found very useful when transferring old ride reports and ride photos from 2007 to this website from the old South Lakes Group website which I am slowly closing down.

Has I was explaining to Sandra on the ride, I found that a lot of you folk tend to take few weeks or maybe a few months looking at the ride photos that I take on the rides before making the big decision of deciding to come out on ride with us and spending several hours with complete strangers that you never met before, for me its very rewarding, you never know who's going to waiting for you at the start and what the topic of the conversation going to be about on the ride, it could about anything from politics to fellow rider telling you about there foreign adventures on there Summer holidays but  over next six to seven hours of getting to know each other, you slowly become friends, I  don't know of any other hobby  that gets you chatting to each other and also gets you fit at the same time.

In the past cycling clubs use act as a unofficial marriage bureau where members of opposite sex met each other and sometimes got married, I should know as both my parents are cyclists and met each other on cycling club ride. Our rides are at nice easy pace, as we want you to chat to each other, as we cycle through some most beautiful countryside in Northern England and maybe if we get more folk coming out on a Where's the Brew Stop? Cycle touring ride, you may find the right person for you.

The thing about Where's the Brew Stop? Cycle touring group rides, they start from inside café or tearoom and how you get there is up to you! In case of today ride both me and Sandra rode our bike to start and as we enjoying our coffee and cakes in the tearoom we saw members of Lancaster & South Lakes CTC group riding pass on there way to their morning café stop at Clapham.

I not a fan of fast rides as you  tend to miss things that can make a great photo, so after finish our coffee and cake, we headed up the Hindburn Valley to Mill Houses at far gentler pace, then follow Russells lane out of Mill Houses, after heading through the hamlet of Russells , we soon turn on to Old Moor Road where we were treated to some good views Ingleborough, its one of those mountain's that you can see from great distance and makes great feature for the area. After about mile we crossed over Long Lane and then followed Cross Road up to Mewith Lane which we stay on next few miles, if you have rode the Way of Roses, you will know it well, its that lane you follow most way to Clapham with great views of the Yorkshire Dales National Park on one side of the lane and on other sides some great views of the Forest of Bowland which is also national park. Once we got to Keasden, we left the Way of Rose route behind to head along Eldroth Road which followed down to Lane Side Bridge where we turn on to Fummerber Lane which took us down into Wenningdale, its worth stopping at Waters Bridge to look at view, as we headed out of Wenningdale and as we got nearer the A65 the lane changes its name to Orcaber Lane.

At Harden Bridge, we had to wait a few minutes to cross the A65 due large amount of traffic using the road, then back on a quite lane as we headed into Austwick which one of those quite Yorkshire Dales Villages which most population of England as never heard of and you ask question where that near and surprise the number times I have answer that question to folk who only 20 miles away in Lancaster or Morecambe.

After leaving Austwick we soon turn on to Pennine Bridleway and stop for lunch at bench at side of Austwick Beck near the Flascoe Bridge.

After our lunch break we continue to follow the Pennine Bridleway up to Feizor, this part of the Pennine Bridleway is fairly easy to ride along on touring bike. At Feizor we stop for early afternoon brew at Elane's Tearooms.

After our café stop, we headed out of Feizor on the Pennine Bridleway which stay on for next mile and turn off it at Lower Bark House Farm and followed the bridleway/ farm access road down to tarmac, which followed towards Wharfe.

We were soon turning off the tarmac again to follow the bridleway in to Wharfe, most of the roads around this small village are made of hardcore, it now does have tarmac road which fairly new and is main access route into Wharfe which  we cycle down after chatting to villager for about 15 minutes.

We then followed the tarmac back through Austwick and then headed towards Clapham where we re cross the A65 and then headed down to Clapham Station. At Clapham Station we said our goodbyes has Sandra had decide back along Mewith Lane.

From Clapham Station, I followed the lane up to Crook Beck Bridge where I turn on to the B6480 which I followed over Newby Moor, then after good mile, I turn on to Nutgill Lane which is part of network of quiet lanes which I followed for next few miles down to Wennington where re join the B6480 which I followed back to Wray.

If enjoy looking at the photos do please leave comment in Disquis comment box below it does help the website as folk do follow the links to other pages on the website.

You can click here to see the photos of 16th September ride to Hawes Water or you can click here to download the 31.6 mile route or you can check out forthcoming events on the Diary of cycling events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.
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Ride report by Simeon Orme