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Inside the Brief Encounter Refreshment Room  on Carnforth Station

Routes from Carnforth Railway Station

You can find more information about Carnforth Station on the website at this link. All rides start at Carnforth Station.


A 37.6 mile ride to Hutton Gate and along Old Scotch Road to Kirkby Lonsdale.

A 25.4 mile ride around  Silverdale and Arnside.

A 22 mile ride to Hornby.

A 29.6 mile ride around Lancaster.

A 22.7 mile ride to Arnside.

A 29.02 mile ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area.

A 35.4 mile ride to Levens.

A 31.1 mile ride over Scout Hill to Kitridding Tea Room.

A 45.4 mile ride to Lambrigg Fell.

A 42.5 mile ride to Bell Hill and Kendal.

A 43.10 mile ride to Summerhouse Hill.

A 28.6 mile ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area.

A 58 mile ride to Borrowdale.

A 34.1 mile ride to Kitridding.

A 38.5 mile ride to Kendal Castle.

A 28.1 mile ride to Glasson.

A 50.1 mile ride to Crosthwaite.

A 24.5 mile ride around Arnside and Silverdale.

A 39.2 mile ride to Barbon.

A 17.8 mile ride to Leighton Moss.

29.9 mile ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area.

28.8 mile ride to Roeburndale.

36.0 mile ride to Brigsteer Woods.

37.64 mile ride to Brigsteer.

34.6 mile ride to Barbondale.

25.6 mile ride to Lupton.

26.68 mile ride to Arnside.

34.4 mile ride to Kirkby Lonsdale.

41.4 mile ride to Row in the Lyth Valley.

41.1 mile ride to Bell Hill near Underbarrow.


The above google map shows the starting point  for the ride from Carnforth Railway Station, outside the Refreshment Room on the Station.

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