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7th May 2017 ride to Cartmel (Page five)

7th May 2017 ride to Cartmel (Page five)
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Early Purple Orchid in flower at side of the lane.
Early Purple Orchid in flower at side of the lane.
Pyramidal Burgle at side of the bridleway to Beck Head
Water Avens in flower at side of the bridleway to Beck Head.
Welsh Poppy in flower at side of the bridleway to Beck Head
Red Campion in flower at side of the bridleway to Beck Head
A sheep on gate in Beckhead
This information card was next to the sheep in the last photo
Marsh Marigolds in flower at side of the 'Old A590'
The view looking back along the towpath of Lancaster Canal at Tewitfield
Trees in field next Kellet Lane near Over Kellet
Ride report by Simeon Orme
The main of the day ride was to meet up with South Lakes Group of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship and ride with them for few miles before riding back home and only problem with this was that starting my ride from Halton and South Lakes Group was starting there ride from Lindale.

So my ride started with me following my usual route to Farleton View Tearoom along Kellet Lane and then A6070 before following lane  from Moss End to Wath Sutton.

After my coffee and cake, I followed the lane from Wath Sutton up to Woodlands, then crossed over the B6385 before following the lanes through Deepthwaite and Woodhouse before heading into Heversham. After crossing over the A6 in Heversham, I followed the lanes across Milnthorpe Marsh to  join the A6 near Eversley, I followed the A6 around Levens Hall, before heading along the lane to High Sampool. At High Sampool, I turn on to tarmac bridleway which followed to Sampool Bridge. After crossing over the A590, then cycling through Sampool Bridge, I headed along cycle path along side 'A590' before joining section of the 'Old A590' (Which is now quite county lane which hard to believe about 25 years ago it was part of main trunk road into South East Lakes). I followed the 'Old A590' for next few miles into Longhowe End where discover some Sheep on display in folk's front gardens which stop to take a few photos of, I later found out in the day it was Witherslack version of Wray Scarecrow festival and that were raise some funds for the church roof.

From Longhowe End, I followed the bridleway under the A590, then the lane across Meathop Marsh and then followed Pipe Lane from Meathop into Grange-over-Sands. After short section on the B 5277, I turn on to Promenade which cycle along very slowly next few miles, stopping mid way along the promenade for lunch.

During my lunch break, I receive a text on my mobile phone from Ian the Secretary of South Lakes Group that they would be stopping at the Mallard Tea Shop in Cartmel in about 15 minutes time and could meet up with them there and those of you know how long 'RSF' café stops last,  that gave me about 45 minutes to get from Grange-over-Sands to Cartmel, which  involve me cycling along to end of the Promenade, then a bit of climbing up to High Fell Gate before dropping down into Cartmel and I just got to Mallard Tea Shop, as the South Lakes Group were walking out of it, so I join them for next few miles following the bridleway out of Cartmel across the racecourse, then section of bridleway following the Cistercian Way before leave them to follow bridleway through Hill Mill Coppice which had many bluebells out full bloom, once I hit the tarmac again I stop look at the map, I decide to followed the bridleway from Hill to Wall Nook which rode quite a bit of as ground was quite dry but I thing its best done when there been few days of dry weather. From Wall Nook, I followed the lane down to Beck Side and soon following the bridleway to Green Bank. The highlight of this track is the view looking up the valley to Broughton Bank.

By time got to Green Bank, I had another look at the map to find best way to get Harry's Café Bar at Yew Tree Barn in Low Newton as it was near mid afternoon and I had another 30 miles to do to get back to Halton. So followed the lane from Green Bank to Borwick's Aynsome and yes eagle eye of you will notice, I took long way round at this point, unfortunately for me I still need use a map around Cartmel Valley as it maze of lanes and tracks where if you make the wrong turn or miss a junction you can ride few mile out of way to get on track, in my case it was about half mile I added on to ride. Anyway once I got to Borwick' Aynsome, I followed the lanes up the lanes up the valley to Four Lane Ends and then followed Cartmel Lane into Low Newton where stop for coffee and café at Harry's Café Bar.

After my café break, I followed another section of the 'Old A590' into High Newton, then climb out of High Newton up Tow Top Road before joining Height Road which easier way getting down into Winster Valley than the ride down Tow Top Road.

At top of Height Road, I stop take photo of  panorama view looking down into the Winster Valley.

As said before its a lot nicer ride down Height Road into the Winster Valley where reach the valley bottom at Lobby Bridge which you use to cross over River Winister, then follow the tarmac pass Cowmire Hall which I stop to take a photo of and look again to look at the map to decide which way to go.

I well rewarded by following the lane through the woods towards Pool Bank and then on through Low Wood Park up to Witherslack Hall with number wild flowers out in full bloom as you tell number photos that I took.

After cycling pass Witherslack Hall, I followed the bridleway to Beck Head, then the tarmac down to Mill Side, then the 'Old A590' to Sampool Bridge, then the lanes to Levens and then down to A6 at Levens Hall. From Leven Hall  there was short section on the A6 before I followed the road through Leasgill and Heversham before there another short section on the A6 before following the lanes to Ackenthwaite.

From the Ackenthwaite, I followed the tarmac to Holme, then headed back to Halton via Cinderbarrow, along the canal towpath to Tewitfield and then back along Kellet Lane.

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