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27th  March: A ride to Yordas Cave and along the Turbarry Road

Ian looking at the view up the Lune Valley from the public way between Claughton and Farleton.

The cake photo at the Tearoom at Hornby Post Office.

Another view of the cake.

Following the public way from Melling to Old Wennington.

The pack lunch, we stop for lunch at above Meal bank on Oddies Lane.

Looking back down Oddies Lane.

Heading down into Kingsdale.

Looking back along the public way towards Twisleton Hall from end of the track in Kingsdale

Ian posing at start of another pothole in Kingsdale.

Inside Yordas Cave.

Heading out of Yordas Cave.

The entry into Yordas Pot.

Looking back up the Turbarry Road.

Ian heading down the Turbarry Road against the head wind.

At one of the several gates on the Turbarry Road.

Near end of the Turbarry Road, at this point you can see for miles!

Following the road down to Masongill.

We stop for eat up above Burton-in-Lonsdale before heading down the Wenningdale and the Lune Valley against head back to Halton for end of ride brew.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

With tail wind pushing us up the Lune Valley, we soon turning off the A683 at Claughton to followed the white road over to Farleton where we rejoined A683 again where we followed it up to Hornby. In Hornby village, we stop for morning brew at the Hornby Post Office Tearoom.

After our brew stop, it was fast ride up to Melling, from Melling we then followed the public way over to Old Wennington, before following the lanes over Bentham Moor before heading into Ingleton on Bentham Road. We then headed out Ingleton on Oddies Lane, after the climb up Meal Bank we stop for picnic  lunch at bench at the side of the road in the shelter of Lenny Wood.

After our lunch stop we continue up Oddies Lane, then the lane up to Twisleton Hall, then headed along the public way into Kingsdale passing a lot of walkers doing the Ingleton Falls walk. In Kingsdale we rejoin the tarmac again and followed the road towards Kingsdale Head,  stopping once to look a cave entry which I can’t remember the name of but Ian was explaining to me where all the caves were in Kingsdale has he be down most of them which made ride up the dale a bit more interesting, we soon at start of the public way up to the Turbarry Road, after looking around Yordas Cave. We followed the track up on to Shout Brow where the Turbarry Road starts before get to start of the road you have to make your way through a area of boggy moorland, once we on the Turbarry Road we start to pay for the easy ride out has we met full force of the head wind so in some places on the track it easier to get off and push our bikes along the track but we soon at end of track at North End Scar where we were treated to good views of the Lakes and the Bowland Fells.

After brief stop for me to adjust my back brakes, we headed down Masongill Fell Lane into Masongill, then crossed over the A65 at Galegreen, then followed the lanes down into Burton-in-Lonsdale. From Burton-in-Lonsdale, we followed the lane up through Spittle Banks before stopping for a eat up!

Afterwards we followed the ‘B’ road down into Wennington. From Wennington we headed down the B6480 and then the A683 taking it in turns to be at front due to the strong head wind back to Bull Beck Bridge where we followed the Lune Valley Cycle Track back to the car park at Denny Beck, then headed into Halton for end of ride brew.

Click here to see photos of 3rd April  ride of South Lakes Group to ride to Small Water in Mardale or you can download the gps route files of the ride at this link. You can check out other forthcoming cycling events on the Diary of cycle club Events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.

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