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1st January 2019 ride up the Kentmere Valley and down Longsleddale

1st January 2019 ride up the Kentmere Valley and down Longsleddale (Page two)
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View of the public byway on the climb up to Stile End
A closer view of the track on the climb up to Stile End
Close up of handle on a barn door at Stile End
The view from gate on to the moorland near Stile End, looking along the public byway
The view from the public byway looking towards Hollow Moor
A tree on the skyline
The view looking back down the public byway towards Stile End (Click the photo to see a larger image of the photo)
The view at the summit of the pass
The view looking down the public byway towards Longsleddale (Click the photo to see larger image of the photo)
Hawthorn tree at side of the public byway
Heading down the public byway into Longsleddale
The view from bridge over River Sprint in Sadgill, looking towards end of the Public Byway in Sadgill (Click the photo to see a larger image of the photo)
Afternoon sunlight in Longsleddale
The view looking across the bridge into Garnett Bridge
The clock tower in Burnside
The view of pond at Brow Foot on the climb up to the A591(Click the photo to see larger image of photo)
It had been few years seen I started ride from Ashes Lane, its is one of those hidden gems in the Lake District National Park where you can park your for free all day, so along as you prepare to do about half mile of off-road cycling to get to the Crook Road. As Ashes Lane runs from A591 to the Crook Road and once you ride pass the campsite its turn into track for about half mile before turning back into tarmac road.

One of reasons for having ride around the Kentmere and Longsleddale is that Wilf's Café in Staveley is usually on New Year Day and the other reason it usually quite due to many folk recovering from to much alcohol from New Year Eve parties.

There were no other takers but me and my camera, it fairly easy ride along Ashes Lane up to the Crook Road which I followed down into Staveley for coffee and cake break at Wilf's Café. I think its been over year seen I last visited Wilf's Café, you use to change out of five pound note when you order coffee and café not any more, its now over five pound.

Once I had finish the coffee and cake it was fairly easy ride up the Kentmere Valley with few stops to take photos, the going gets a bit harder when turn off the main valley to follow Lowfield Lane through Green Quarter and then High Lane up to start of  the public byway from Stile End to Sadgill.

If not on a mountain bike, allow your self about hour to do the crossing, it maybe only mile and half long there a bit of pushing of your bike to do and fairly steep descent into Longsleddale which only mad man on mountain bike would ride down, the main thing about this route from the Kentmere Valley to Longsleddale is the views which are outstanding.

Once I was back on the tarmac in Sadgill, it was easily ride down Longsleddale, I did stop some thing to eat part way down the Dale before following road down the valley to Garnett Bridge.

From Garnett Bridge, I followed the Garnett Bridge Road down to Burnside. In Burnside the main road bridge over River Kent was out of action, there was little detour through the village to cross the river using the other bridge in the village.

Once I made my way through Burnside, I follow the lane up the A591, then a very short section on A591 before turning back on Ashes Lane.

You can download 17.8 mile route of ride at this link or you can check out forthcoming events on the Diary of cycling events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.
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Ride report by Simeon Orme