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14th January 2018 ride to Arnside (Page two)

14th January 2018 ride to Arnside (Page two)
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Trees on the skyline near Redbridge
The cake photo at the Leighton Moss Café at the RSPB Visitor Centre
Pheasant outside the RSPB Visitor Centre at Leighton Moss
The tree at side main drainage dyke out of Leighton Moss
The view from the road near Crag Foot looking across the reed beds.
A tree in field at side of Ancliffe Lane
Sheep in field at side of Bottomdale Road near Four Lane Ends
The view from Bottomdale Road near Four Lane Ends looking across the fields towards Lancaster
Ride report by Simeon Orme
The day was a bit overcast and it was hard work getting some good photos and my fittest levels were not brilliant due to Christmas Cold which I am trying to get over that my excuse for getting off walking up a few of the hills on the ride but with amount of tree felling we doing at work and other Winter work we are doing on the golf course, I don't think my fittest levels will be problem by time we some good weather in Spring.

Anyway after climbing out of the Lune Valley, its was easy ride to Carnforth via Neither Kellet, I soon enjoying coffee and cake in the Refreshment Rooms on Carnforth Railway Station.

From Carnforth, after crossing over River Keer via foot/ cycle bridge near Hagg Wood and then followed the public byway into Warton, then followed the bottom road towards Crag foot, about mile from Crag Foot,  I stop to chat to Mrs P for several minutes, who in her eighties and still cycling was heading towards Warton.

After finishing my chat with Mrs P. continue to follow the road towards Crag Foot and then across Leighton Moss before following the lane over to The Row. Then I followed the tarmac through Elmslack and on to Arnside where stop for lunch on a bench on Arnside Pier.

After my lunch break, I headed out of Arnside and followed the lane across Silverdale Moss and back into Lancashire, then headed towards Leighton Moss Café at the RSPB Visitor Centre via Waterslack and Redbridge.

Yes they do good cakes at Leighton Moss Café and its was good enough reason to visit the café.

After my afternoon cake break, I followed the tarmac back over Leighton Moss to Crag Foot and then on to Warton before following the public byway down to Hagg Wood. Then I followed the tarmac along the shore for short distance before heading through Crag Bank and then crossing over the A6. Before following the towpath of the Lancaster Canal into Bolton-le-Sands.

I headed out of Bolton-le-Sands on Ancliffe Lane which is quite lane which run from Bolton-le-Sands into Lancaster, I soon was turning off Ancliffe Lane and heading back to Halton along Bottomdale Road.

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