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30th January 2010: A ride to Simpson Ground via Hampsfell and Winster Valley

At the start of the first track, the first of part the bridleway quite easy to ride along up to Longlands.

Looking up the Eea Valley towards the central lakes.

After quite bit pushing out of the valley we make it up on to moorland.

Bit further up the track heading towards summit of Hempsfell.

A tree near the summit Hempsfell.

The view from the top of the track looking towards the Kent Valley with the Howgill Fells in the background

A bit further along the the track.

Looking back up the track waiting for Nick to catch up!

Heading from Longslands Allotmet into Bishop’s Allotmet.

The view looking down the track.

Another view looking down the track looking towards the Kent Valley and Howgill Fells in the background.

Following the track through the woods down to Grange-Over-Sands for a brew.

The cake photo at the cafe in Grange-Over-Sands.

Nick’s second breakfast or early lunch.

This was what Peter ordered.

Simeon and Nick each had puncture to repair before we continue on the ride.

From the Grange we followed the B5277 up to Lindale, then followed the Back o’ th’ Fell Road and then the Tarn Green Road up the Winster Valley.

Following the public byway from the Tarn Green Road up to The Ashes.

Following the bridleway over Raven’s Barrow.

We stop for some lunch at the top of Raven’s Barrow.

Following the bridleway from Raven’s Barrow towards Sow How Lane.

Following the bridleway through the woods towards Sow How Lane.

Middle Tarn

Another view of Middle Tarn.

Heading down Sow How Lane towards Foxfield.

A bit further down the Lane.

Following the public byway up to Simpson Ground.

Nick cycling through the ford,  has we followed the public byway across Simpson Ground Allot

He made it across with two dry feet.

Heading out of Simpson Ground.

Following the road passed High Newton Reservoir down to Ayside.

Photo on the wall at the Hat Trick Cafe at Low Newton

What Simeon ordered.

Another view of Chocolate Fudge cake.

What Nick ordered.

It was short ride back to the cars park at the car park on Cartmel Race Course.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

After looking at the map and deciding our route for the day the four of us headed out of Cartmel passing the Priory, then following the main ‘B’ road up the Eea Valley for about mile before heading along the bridleway to the hamlet of Longlands. After we made our way through Longlands we followed the bridleway across a few fields which were hard with frost and then followed the track up the hillside to the open moorland where we rewarded with find view of the lakes at their best. After stopping a few times to look at the view we finally made it to summit of track over Hempsfell where if the ground had not been hard with frost it may have been a bit wet under foot for about 500 metres but we cross this section with our feet dry due to the hard frost! Then we continue followed the track from Longslands Allotsment down into Bishop’s Allotsment then through Eggerslack Wood down to Grange-Over-Sands for late morning brew or for two of the party a second breakfast or was it a early lunch!

After our morning cafe stop myself and Nick had puncture each to repair before we continue on our ride but we soon on our way following the B 5277 to Lindale. From Lindale we then followed the Back o’ th’ Fell Road and then the Tarn Green Road up the Winster Valley before following the public byway up to the Ashes then we continue along the lanes through Cartmel Fell before following the bridleway up on to Raven Barrow where stop for late lunch stop.

After our lunch stop we continue to followed the bridleway up to Sow How Lane, then headed down Sow How Lane through the hamlet of Foxfield before heading up the public way to Simpson Ground. From Simpson Ground we followed the lanes down to Low Newton for afternoon cafe stop at the Hat Trick Cafe.

After our afternoon brew stop we followed the lanes back to the cars parked at Cartmel.

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