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12th February 2017: A ride to Kirkby Lonsdale (Page three).

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Farm building on Keer Holme Lane.

A tree in a field at side of Keer Holme Lane.

View of the same tree taken from Borwick Road.

Lamb in field at side of Borwick Road.

Catkins at side of Capernway Road.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

I must admit that stop trying to get to Kirkby Lonsdale for 10am as soon as started the first climb out of Halton this was mainly due to the strong head wind blowing down the Lune Valley, it was just not worth the effort so concentrated on looking for some photos to take, which hope you enjoy looking at!

The first signs of Spring is on its way with all the Snowdrops out in the hedgerows at the side of Kirkby Lonsdale Road and then the B 6254. Has I headed up the Lune Valley to Kirkby Lonsdale.

I manage to get to Kirkby Lonsdale for sometime around 11 am, that was how strong the head wind was, as it usual take me just over hour on normal day with out any strong head winds.

Anyway once I got to Kirkby Lonsdale, I headed to The Crossing Point Cafe in the Market Square to have coffee and cake.

I decide in the cafe, it was not worth the effort to do the plan ride to Brigflatts as I over hour behind, so once I had taken a few photos of Kirkby Lonsdale and after crossing over the A65, I followed the lane through Low Biggins and then Hosticle Lane down Whittingham where stop to take a photo of the church, then headed up towards Whittingham Hall to try take photo of the Hall from the road which difficult to do, this due to trees planted in front of the Hall which block view of the Hall from the road.

Anyway once the photo was taken, I decide to continue on the road, heading towards Hutton Roof and Burton-in-Kendal, its a lane that do not use that often this may be due to climb out of Whittingham.

After few more photo stops, I made it as far as Johnson House, I continue to follow the tarmac towards Burton-in-Kendal for next mile before following the lanes down the Keer Valley to Over Kellet where turn on to Kellet Lane which followed back to Halton for late lunch at home.  

You can click here see the photos of 19th February ride to Leighton Moss or you can click here to down load the gps route files of the route of ride from Halton Station or you can check out forthcoming events on the Diary of cycle  events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.

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