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14th February 2010: A ride to Natland

The cake photo at the Creature Comfort Cafe at the Wildlife Centre near Hale on the A6.

Ian second breakfast!

Another second breakfast.

The first signs of spring on the public way heading towards Hale.

Waiting for everyone to catch up near Stainton Bridge End.

The ford in Stainton.

Heading down to the ford at Half Penny.

The start of the bridleway at Stang.

A lunchtime view!


At the start of the bridleway over the Helm.

Following the track over the Helm.

Heading down the bridleway from Larkrigg Hall Bridge and heading towards Wilson Place near Sedwick.

The cake photo at the tearoom at the Old Beetham Post Office.

Outside the Tearoom.

Heading along the Permitted Bridleway across Thrang Moss.

We stop here to watch the deer at the edge of the tree in the middle of the photo.

A prize winning gate!

Following a bridleway above the A6 near Yealand Conyers.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

Peter led the charge past Lancaster & South Lakes CTC group as six of us headed up the A6070 towards Burton-in-Kendal and after about a mile we were following the lanes through Cinderbarrow and Hiderstone. Then we followed Moss Lane across Burton Moss and after crossing over the A6, we stop for morning brew (or for some members there second breakfast) at the Creature Comfort Cafe at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.

After the morning cafe stop, we then followed the public way into Hale. In Hale we crossed over the A6 and then headed along Pye’s Bridge Lane. At end of the lane we turn on to the B 6384 which we followed for short distance up to Elmsfield House. From Elmsfield House we followed lane over Chapel Hill into Farleton. In Farleton our route took over Nook Bridge and Dovehouse Bridge before heading along the A6070 for short distance to then followed the lane from Moss End to Woodlands. In Woodlands after crossing over the A590 via the B6385, we followed the lane from Lane Farm up to Stainton Bridge End. Then our route took us through Stainton (where there interesting ford which you can try crossing like Ian did!) and Skettlegill up to A65 which we cross over to head into Half penny. In Halfpenny after following short public way over the beck we continue the lanes around to Stang. From Stang we headed along a bridleway towards Helm End, stopping  part way along the track for a picnic lunch.

After lunch we continue along the bridleway to Helm End where we followed our next bridleway over the Helm before dropping down to Natland. From Natland we followed our next bridleway down to Wilson Place near Sedgwick, then our route took us through Hincaster, Greenside, Woodhouse and Heversham where we followed Marsh Road over Milnthorpe Marsh, then short climb through Dallam Park before dropping down to Beetham where we stop for afternoon brew at the tearoom at the Old Post Office.

After our brew and cake, we followed the road from Beetham up to Slack Head which is short hard climb, from Slack head we followed the lane down to Hale Moss and then the permitted bridleway across Thrang Moss (This bridleway just open this year after being closed for several years), then the bridleway across White Moss where stop to watch some deer for a few minutes but soon on our way again and back on tarmac for short section of Nineteen Acre Lane before turning on to our next track which we followed into Yealand Redmayne. From Yealand Redmayne we followed the road to Yealand Conyers, then it back on tracks again coming out near Walton Cricket Club where Nick, Eileen and Charlie left us to head back to cars at Tewitfield. Myself, Peter and Ian (Has we all rode out to start of the ride)continue into Walton, then followed the lanes through to Crag Bank, then headed along the cycle track at side of the Lancaster Canal into Bolton-le-Sand where we said our goodbyes before we headed off in different directions for home.

Click here to see photos of  21st  February ride of South Lakes Group to Staveley or you can download the gps route files of the ride at this link. You can check out other forthcoming cycling events on the Diary of cycle club Events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.

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