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56th Annual Easter Meet in 2011 in Peebles. The Easter Meet 2011 was base at ‘The Green Tree Hotel’, Peebles in Scotland from 22nd to 25th April. Meal menu Friday: Chicken & mushroom stroganoff or Vegetable & lentil Lasagne. Apple pie or Lemon pie Saturday: Sweet & sour pork or Broccoli & nut stir fry. Key lime or Trifle. All served with rice, vegetables, potatoes and mixed salad. Sunday: starter: Vegetable Soup or Deep fried mushrooms with garlic. Main course: Steak pie with chips or new potatoes or Chicken supreme stuffed with haggis or Choice of vegetarian dish from menu all served with a selection of fresh vegetables Pudding: Sticky toffee pudding or Chocolate profiteroles Rough-Journal Best Article Competition First: “ Exploring the Past” by Steve Griffith. “Steve fires the imagination”, “We combine cycling with other interests and believe this gives us the best of both worlds.” judges comments. Steve wins the Alwyn Taylor Jubliee trophy. Second: “Knoydart Initiation” by Adrian Hinchcliffe. Judges comments “What a superb journey!”, “An example of wheels taking the load, if mainly pushed”. Third: “Dien Ben Phu to Muang Khua” by Dave Hill. Judges comments “Dave has my admiration for this expedition”. Highly commended: “ With the tour in Lewis and Harris” by George Bewick and “The back of Skiddaw” by Pat Lloyd. Best Sketch: “RSF on the side of Gangers Hill” Surrey, by Brenda Warner. Brenda wins the Bert Williams trophy. The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited, Annual Report, 2010 2010 saw our membership levels stable. Another legacy has assisted our comfortable financial position. The Easter Meet was a return to the Baskerville Hotel, Clyro, near Hay-on-Wye, which we visited in 2004. Easter fell early in 2010, and it proved cool and rather damp, with ample snow on higher ground, though some pleasant moments were to be had. Next year, when Easter falls late, we will be going to the Green Tree Hotel in Peebles. The Autumn Meet, at a rather spartan activity centre at Great Hucklow in the Peak District, was well attended, but is probably not a venue we will return to. We have reserved a hostel on the Ridgeway near Wantage for 2011. Membership Our membership stood at 570 (486 full members) at the year end, in comparison to 569 (484 full members) the previous year. This stable level follows an increase in the previous year, a turnaround following many years of decline. For comparison, at end 2005, our membership was 624 (528) about 9% higher than today. We continue to have concentration of members in the North-West, where there are active groups. The Rough-Stuff Journal The editor has continue to produce six timely journals per year, and distribution has continued to be mostly reliable. The Jan/Feb 2011 journal (produced and accounted for in the 2010 financial year) was delayed for a few weeks by weather-related backlog of deliveries in Scotland. Not knowing when the journals would be released from the warehouse, we sent out a special newsletter in advance of the final delivery. Expenditure on the journal remains on par with recent years, but the editor is constrained by the quantity of good material available to him. Publicity In line with recent policy, our print advertising remains mainly focused on the CTC, although we also advertised with a local DA. New membership mainly continues to come mainly through the website www.rsf.org.uk. Active groups,  such as those in the north-west, are often our best advertisement. And where local groups are active, the ancillary marketing of building local websites and targeted local advertising create an environment conducive to building active membership. Indicative of that, a substantially higher proportion of the membership rides at least once a year with their local group in the NW than in other parts of the country. Accounts The Fellowship made a surplus of £606 for the year, following a surplus of £3,043 in the previous year. These recent surpluses have mainly come from legacies. This year we obtained legacy income of £1,106 out of total donation income of £1,405. This follows £3,000 legacy income the previous year, and £750 the year before. Such frequent legacies are recent phenomenon, and we do not plan or rely on receiving them. Subscriptions income has fallen slightly following last year’s increase. With ample reserves, we have held subscription prices since 2004 and expect to do so for some time yet. Operating costs remain under control. Signed Steven Griffith, Peter Kenner, Ivan Viehoff (Directors) Editor’s Report Relations with Quorum are still good, their turn round times are very rapid. I’m always looking for material, especially about the less visited parts of Britain. Of course this doesn’t mean that those who keep me supplied with articles about Wales, Scotland etc should stop writing! It would be good to have articles by more members. The majority of the material comes from two members, with two or three more sending articles from time to time. Due to process changes at Quorum I can use more colour than before, which means I need more photos, from various parts of Britain and elsewhere. Some photos in vertical format would be very useful for the two covers. My ‘Fellowship People’ slot has run out now. I’d be happy to have a few more biographies, to be featured. I’m happy to continue as editor. Norman Hodgton Easter Meet Report by Steve Griffith This years Easter meet at Peebles was that wonderful combination of perfect weather, superb rough stuff, great company and a five hotel. Over 50 members sat down to the 56th annual dinner, which was both high quality and quantity. Peebles is blessed with wonderful riding in all directions, the area lend itself well to circular loops with the vast majority of time spent off road, mainly on grassy ridalbe tracks. Much of the Southern Upland Way between St Mary’s Loch and Minchmoor was covered. We found the only really muddy section of the meet on the track over from Meggets Water to the Manor Valley. My own favourite was the track starting just south of Traquair House which rises on Glengaber Hill and has a descent to Yarrow which can only be described as sheer joy. The back road from Traquair to Peebles was home to our wheels many times as it was preferable not just to the A road but also the old railway track. Our thanks go to Peter Kenner for finding and organising the meet. The AGM went smoothly with the election of a new vice president John Kemp, and a new Public Relations Officer Jane Gill. Next year we will be in the Welsh borders exact location to be decided. Annual Photographic Competition Results Slides, including digital A. Rough-Stuff 1st ‘Langdale’ by M. Lomas (digtail) Bill Hill & Charlie Chadwick Trophy 2nd ‘Pennine Way’ by Pat Lloyd (Slide) 3rd ‘Motts Road’ by H. Thorpe High Commended ‘Doethie Valley’ H. Thorpe B. General 1st ‘Old Winlass’ by M. Berwick (digital) John Hendry Trophy 2nd ‘Winter Walk’ by R. Thorpe (digital) 3rd ‘Butt of Lewis’ by G. Berwick (Slide) High Commended ‘Waverley Station’ by M. Berwick (digital) Comedy Joint 1st ‘Chilly Willy’ by R. Thorpe (digital) ½ Johnny Helms print. Joint 1st ‘Minor Adjustment’ by H. Thorpe (digital) ½ Johnny Helms print. Prints A. Rough Stuff 1st ‘Torridon Cairn’ by M. Berwick  Arthur Matthews Trophy 2nd ‘Chain walk 2’ by G. Berwick (Print) 3rd ‘Seeing the light’ by H. Francino (Print) Highly Commended ‘Chain Walk 7’ by G.Berwick (Print) B. General 1st ‘Spring again’ by J. Walshaw Eric Savage Trophy 2nd ‘Port Logan’ by M. Berwick (Print) 3rd ‘A good laugh is a joy forever’ by H. Francino (Print) Highly Commended ‘End of day’ by J. Walshaw (Print)
Easter Meet Photos Photos of the Sunday ride over Minchmoor taken by Ian Wood.
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