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Easter Meet 2010 at Baskerville Hall, Clyro The 2010  Easter Meet was base at Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro Court, Hay-on-Wye, Powys. HR3 5LE Tel: +44 (0)1497-820033  Fax: +44 (0)1497- 820596. Evening Meals Friday Meal Main Course: Chicken supreme or Vegetable casserole Dessert: Peach & apple crumble & custard or Chocolate fudge cake Saturday Meal Main Course: Roast Beef with red wine sauce or Stuffed peppers. Dessert: Apple pie and cream or White chocolate cheese cake Sunday Meal Starter: Vegetable Soup or Fanned Melon with Parma Ham Main Course: Chicken supreme with leek and mushroom sauce or Roast Beef with red wine or Vegetarian Glamorgan sausages with wine, leek and mushroom sauce. Dessert: Apple pie and Ice Cream or Chocolate fudge cake The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited, Annual Report, 2009 Review of the Year 2009 saw our membership increasing significantly for the first time in many years, and a large legacy has led to a very healthy financial situation. The Easter Meet was at the Fountains Hotel, Hawes, and enjoyed exceptional weather. The AGM chose to return to Machynlleth but a change in management at the hotel prevented this. The 2009 AGM will instead be at the Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro, near Hay-on-Wyre, which we visited a few years ago. The Autumn Meet at Bridges hostel was well attended, and enjoyed fair weather. We have reserved a private bunkhouse at Great Hucklow in the Peak District for 2010. Membership Our membership stood at 569 (484 full members) at the year end, in comparison to 531 (455 full members) at the start of the year, an increase of 38. This is the first significant increase in many years. The increase in membership has been nationwide, and therefore hard to account for as there have been no nationwide marketing efforts. We obtained 91 new members, in comparison to 48 the previous year. We continue to have a heavy concentration of members in the North-West and Home Counties, where there are active groups. The Rough-Stuff Journal The editor has continued to produce six timely journals per year, and distribution has continued to be reliable. Expenditure remains on par with recent years, but the editor is constrained by the quantity of good material available to him. Publicity In line with recent policy, our print advertising is now mainly focused on the CTC, although we also advertised with local DA this year as an experiment. The club’s website was moved to a new server to improve functionality. Since new membership has mainly come through the website, perhaps these changes subtly helped push people in our direction. Active local groups, such as those in the north-west, are often our best advertisement. And where local groups are active, the ancillary marketing activities of building local websites and targeted local advertising create a conducive environment to building active membership. Indicative of that, a substantially higher proportion of the membership rides at least once a year with their local group in the NW than in other parts of the country. The new route librarians have embarked on a project to digitise the route library. New badge stock has been purchased. Accounts The Fellowship made a surplus of £3,043 for the year, following a surplus of £1,199 in the previous year. These recent surpluses have mainly come from legacies. This year a particularly generous legacy of  £3,000 from Cissie George was received, following £750 legacy income the previous year. Over the last 10 years, the Fellowship has usually obtained total donation income of around £500 a year, so these legacies are exceptional and unexpected. Subscription income has increased, for the first time in many years. We have held subscription prices since 2004 and expect to do so for some time yet. Operating costs remain under control. Signed Steven Griffith, Peter Kenner, Ivan Viehoff (Directors). Clyro Clippings, Easter Meet 2010 by John Wilson The Black mountains were sheeted with snow and the Beacons looked like the high Alps in their whiteness. It was an icy cold start to our Easter Meet at Clyro near Hay-on-Wye. Thankfully it didn’t last, for after a final snarl old winter crept away. Good friends had made the journey from far and wide and along the daffodil lined driveway, to find warmth and good cheer  at the Baskerville Hotel. Formerly known as Clyro Court, once it was home of the Baskerville family  and is an impressive mansion in a superb setting. Away on the bikes we found hidden lanes in a peaceful landscape of up and down ways. We slipped easily into a relaxed mode stopping here and there for refreshment at old inns some with stone floors and creaking timbers frames. At Eardisley we visited the great oak, said to be a thousand years old. Fifteen of our group managed to huddle together inside its hollow trunk. This magnificent tree, still responding to spring after spring and seeing out generation after generation, is so gallant and strong. With renewed strength from our oak tree bonding we rode north and crossed the River Arrow into Kington, a bustling market town, which although now in Herefordshire was once in the ancient kingdom of  Powys. After an al fresco lunch we headed west for some rough stuff, and crossing  Hergeast Ridge clouds bubbled up before long we were caped up. A steep dodgy descent brought us down to Gladestry and with weather improving, it was pleasant ride via Newchurch and home to Clyro. Later that evening, dining together we recalled experiences past and present, bringing tears of laugher and momentsn of poignancy. In the midst of all this, I heard old melodies drifting on the air whereupon I discovered our good pal Harry Watson caressing the keys of an old piano on the stair landing. It was so lovely, well done Harry! Best regards to you and good lady, Celia. So glad you came along. Finally a big R.S.F. welcome to our new member Dai Parry who rode with us on the Sunday run. Dai lives in Pontllanfraith, but he’s really an Ynysddu boy. There’s lovely! The Easter Meet at Clyro in 2010 Over 60 members enjoyed the Easter Meet based at the Baskerville Hall Hotel. Contrary to expectations, and the forecast, the weather was excellent with only the odd shower. Views were universally superb especially of the snow topped Brecon Beacons. Clyro is located just across the River Wyre from the bookshop capital of the world Hay-on-Wye. The riding is superb in all directions. South to the Black Mountains with the Gospel Pass and running parallel to it several dead end roads that lead  to exciting north-south crossings. Just into England is the Golden Valley with its remains of abbeys and castles, the latter a reminder just how much this area was fought over. Most of the organised rides focused on the area north, Radnorshire Hills, Hergest Ridge, on Offa’s Dyke, was enjoyed on consecutive days by separate groups. Just west of Kington running on the route of Offa Dyke path to Gladestry is 5 miles of mostly firm grass. Rather oddly, at apex of this track are a small clump of Monkey Puzzle trees! A little way south is the Doctors Pool track, which has its western end the tiny hamlet of Rhulen with its whitewashed church and its curious coffin shaped door (I assume to remind churchgoers where they end up!) One other objective of several groups was the First World War German Field gun at Garth, a hill above Erwood. Captured by Radnorshire Regiment it somehow got back to Wales as spoils of war and was then captured and hidden by Breconshire Regiment. One of the great features of Radnorshire is the traffic free roads which more than compensates for the steep climb out of Clyro first thing every day! Someone commented that the venue was idea for the RSF as it had all types of accommodation from camping, to dorm, to standard hotel room. It’s large enough to easily take the whole meet and the dining room was grand enough to be mistaken for a minor stately home! The AGM passed off smoothly with the committee remaining in situ. Henk Francino a long standing Dutch member, was elected Vice President. The meeting voted overwhelming for next years meet to be held in the Scottish Borders. My thanks to Peter Kenner for doing the organising which enabled the 55th Easter meet to run so successfully. Photo Competition Results Slide Section: General 1/ Roger Thorpe for Dairy House Farm. 2/ Ben Broom for Upper Farndale. 3/ Pat Lloyd for Fossil tree. Slide Section: Rough-Stuff 1/Roger Thorpe for Mawddach View. 2/ Fred Lloyd for Following the Towy. 3/ Alex Flinders for Yes, this is the way. Digital Section: Rough-Stuff 1/ Sandra Sowerbutts for Ice rider. 2/ George Berwick for Harris track. 3/ Margaret Berwick for McNasty. Digitail Section: General 1/ Calum McRoberts for Sunset at Shiant Isles. 2/ Margaret Berwick  for Lakeland roof. 3/ Trevor Sowerbutts for Posers in Zadar. Print Section: Rough-Stuff 1/ Ben Broom for Let’s give it a miss. 2/ John Walshaw for Look’s a nice route. 3/ Henk Francino for What goes down must go up. Print Section: General 1/ George Berwick for Crovie. 2/ Steve Gregson for Lunch Stop. 3/ George Berwick for Winter in Fife. Rough-Stuff Journal, best article competition for 2009 The Alwyn Taylor Trophy first prize was awarded for ‘Monarch Crest Trail’ , by John Brewer. The second prize was awarded for ‘Nursing the Knee, 3’ by Bob Callow. The third prize was awarded for ‘The delightful Doethie’ by Steve Griffith. Highly Commended for ‘Lost again’ by Pat Lloyd and ‘The idiots are you one of them’ by Henk Francino
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