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Easter Meet 2009 at Hawes The Easter was based  at The Fountain Hotel, Market Place, Hawes, Yorkshire. E-mail; fountainhotel@talk21.com Telephone; 01969-667206.
1Oth April  A ride to Castle Bolton, photos taken John Kemp
The morning cafe stop in Askrigg. Heading towards Castle Bolton Stopping at Castle Bolton.
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Best Article Competition Results Tracey Maund wins the Alwyn Taylor Trophy for the best article with; “Mules across the Andes”, (page 91 Volume 54 of The Rough-Stuff Journal) Runners up were.... 2nd “ Welsh Marches, May 2006”, Tracey Maund (page 9, Volume 54 of The Rough-Stuff Journal). 3rd “The summits of Drygarn Fawer”, by Adrain Hinchliffe (page 41, Volume 54 of The Rough-Stuff Journal). Highly commended. “A Pinwherry Hot Dip”,  by Henk Francino (page 68, Volume 54 of The Rough-Stuff Journal). “Nursing the Knee, part 2”, by Bob Callow (page 97, Volume 54 of The Rough-Stuff Journal). Photographic Competition 2009  Results Print Section ( Rough-Stuff): 1st Barrie Usherwood  with photo of Walna Scar. 2nd Malcolm Lomas with photo of Wharton Woods, Arnside. 3rd George Berwick with photo of a Vagabond drum up. Print Section (General): 1st Eddie Asbury  with Tea up. 2nd Joan Asbury with You’re cute. 3rd George Berwick with Beinn Eighe. Slide Section (Rough-Stuff): 1st Roger Thorp with Ystwyth Valley. 2nd George Berwick with Torridon track. 3rd Steve Gregson with Lancashire group run. Slide Section (General): 1st Pat Lloyd with Skerra. 2nd Malcolm Lomas with Malham Cove. 3rd Malcolm Lomas with Great Gable. Digtail Section (Rough-Stuff): 1st Sandra Sowerbutts with Second thoughts. 2nd John Kemp with A winter’s day. 3rd Sandra Sowerbutts with Rocky road. Digtail Section (General): 1st Margaret Berwick with Scafell. 2nd Trevor Sowerbutts with Hairnet. 3rd Eddie Asbury with Sky from Applecross.
Saturday 11th April  ride to Apedale, photos taken by John Kemp
Leaving Hawes. The cafe stop at Castle Bolton At Dentís Houses Afternoon cafe stop in Muker Tea Shop.
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Report of the Weekend by Steve Griffith Upon my return from this years Easter Meet I had some difficulty convincing my better half that I had spent three days in Yorkshire. She found it difficult to believe I could get so sun burnt in Britain at Easter! I have always found the Meet enjoyable but the combination of good weather, a superb venue, with the biggest meal portions I have ever seen was just unbeatable. Hawes is ideally placed for cycling, being one of those places with excellent riding from all points of the compass. The day rides were loosely based around the following two circuits: First. Castle Bolton, Apedale into Swaledale and back via Buttertubs or The Fleake. The start of this is an easy run down Wensleydale on the north bank of the Ure to Askrigg (stopping at the cafe with the CTC and NCU signs). After Castle Bolton, which looks almost complete from the South, it’s a steep push north (Okay I admit I lost the path) towards Apedale and five miles of rough stuff. Apedale is an ex-mining area and completely different in character from the surrounding dales, full of remains of old mine workings. A very barren landscape, almost treeless apart from the recent not very successful attempt to plant. It was almost a relief to be in Swaledale, which is far more lush and gentle in character. Second. Around Fleet Moss. South of Hawes there were a number of rides that linked up several superb pieces of rough-stuff. First the excellent land rover track of Stake Moss which starts from the edge of Semer Water (one of the few natural Lakes in Yorkshire) just before Stalling Busk. A swift bit of tarmac to Buckden a useful lunch stop with a couple of excellent cafes, then up Langstrothdale towards Fleet Moss. Before the summit we turned off down a dead road to High Green Field and through the dreary forest (all regimented forestry commission pines) and out on Birthwith Common and the Pennine Way up to Cam Fell. This route has superb views westwards to Ingleborough with its distinctive flat top and Ribblehead viaduct on the Settle to Carlisle line. At Cam Top you are actually above the height of Fleet Moss and there is option of dropping swiftly down to Hawes or going towards Bainbridge on the rather bumpy Roman Road. Linking these three pieces of rough stuff means most of the day can be spent off road which is a benefit as on a sunny bank holiday Fleet Moss has a great appeal for motorists. So there you have it two great days of cycling in good company with most of the off road being rideable. Here’s to next Easter, hoping we will be similarly blessed.
Sunday 12th April President ride to Semmer Water, photos taken by John Kemp
At start in Hawes. Semer Water Bridge Cafe Stop Heading towards Carpley Green
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Harking Back to Hawes by John Wilson At The Fountain we assembled Bright the colours of every hue, Steep the climbs, some folk trembled Ascending to the azure blue. Castle Bolton, what a prospect, Commanding such a glorious view! Twill stay forever in my memory, A noble place to take our brew. Once ‘twas Romans came this way By Semmer Water and Stalling Busk, Now ‘tis us on such a day. Slow and sweet the air at dusk. The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited, Annual Report 2008 Review of the Year 2008 saw our membership holding up better than recent years, an increase in Area Group activity, and a surprisingly healthy financial result. The Easter Meet was at the Elan Valley Hotel near Rhayader, which was an exceptionally fine hotel and location. But Easter was early in the season, and we suffered  cold, rain and snow as well as some sunshine. The AGM selected the Bluebell at Heversham for Easter 2009 from the options offered to them, but we were unable to make a satisfactory agreement with them. The 2009 AGM will instead be at the Fountain Hotel, Hawes. The Autumn Meet at Arnside hostel was well attended, and enjoyed good weather. We have reserved Bridges Hostel in Shropshire for 2009. Membership Our membership stood at 531 (455 full members) at the year end, in comparison to 545 at the start of the year, a net fallof 14. This is rather smaller fall than the recent trend of losing members at about 8% a year. We have gained about 48 new members during the year compared with 34 the previous year, and an average of about 50 per year in recent years. We continue to have a heavy concentration of members in the North-West and Home Counties, where there active groups. Whilst active local groups are important for building and maintaining membership, in practice it is a relatively small proportion of the membership in these areas that regulary rides with the groups. A Welsh Borders group and a Cheshire group have started during the year. The Rough-Stuff Journal The editor has continued to produce six timely journals per year, and distribution has continued to be reliable. Expenditure is slightly reduced from the previous year, but the editor is constrained by the quantity of good material avavilable to him. We have elected a new Distribution Manager, Calum McRoberts with a substitute John Zwartz, available. This is valuable, since it avoids the potential cost of paying to have the journals packed and addressed at the printers. Publicity In line with recent policy, our print advertising is now mainly focoused on the CTC. The club’s website www.rsf.org.uk continues to obtain growing traffic, as do the websites of local groups. The Publicity Officer resigned mid-year. Althrough a replacement has now been co-opted, the post was vacent for a period and publicity efforts and expenditure has been less than usual. But recruitment levels do not appear to have suffered, suggesting that the underlying publicity policy remains sound. Accounts The Fellowship made a surplus of £1,199 for the year, following a loss of £349 in the previous year. We are currently budgeting to make a loss of around £500, so this surplus was a surprise, and mainly comes from unbudgeted increases in income. We received £750 in legacies. Successful attention has been given to collecting journal advertising fees and obtaining new advertisers. Subscription income has not fallen for the first time in many years. Operating costs have also continued to be contained. Signed Steven Griffith, Peter Kenner, Ivan Viehoff (Directors)
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