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Easter Meet 2006 at Tregaron
Above photo taken by David Lomas, you can see more he took of the weekend at this link.
The 2006 Easter Meet was based at the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron. About Tregaron Tregaron is small market town on the Tywi river. It is situated on the edge of the Elenith mountains (highest peak Drygarn Fawr, 643 metres) and is at one end of the old cattle drovers road to Abergwesyn, which goes over the climb known as the Devil Staircase. A superb rough-stuff area with tracks both epic, such as the Tywi Valley, and easier tracks. The  B road to Lampeter (10 miles) is one of the flattest in this part of Wales. The Talbot Hotel is in centre of town. Facilities include banks, post office, cafes, a small supermarket open to 11pm every night, and a youth hostel not far away. The nearest railway station is at Aberystwyth, 18 miles away. The Annual Report for 2005 Review of the Year The Fellowship celebrated its 50th Anniversary at our Easter meet at Brough in east Cumbria, where the weather was again relatively benign for the time of year.  Commemorative mugs were issued to all attending.  Steven Griffith was elected Chairman to replace Simon Preston.  A group of some of our more mature members were given media coverage suggesting that they had been “rescued” from High Cup Nick.  In fact they had successfully crossed at a leisurely pace, albeit not completing it before sundown;  they emerged onto the road at 10pm, and phoned to beg a lift back to the hotel.  Our next Easter Meet will be at Tregaron in Wales. The major achievement of 2005 has been to maintain the level of membership, staunching the haemorrhage of recent years.  The number of new members being recruited has returned to levels last seen in the 90s.  This has been achieved by raising awareness of the fellowship. Membership Our membership stood at 624 (528 full members) at the year end, only one fewer than at the same time last year, but 155 down from five years ago. The main difference from last year is substantially increased recruitment of new members.  12% of our membership joined in the last year, balancing the normal rate of loss of existing members.  This has been achieved though increased and better targeted publicity.  An unusually large number, 71, of five-year memberships from the year 2000 were up for renewal in 2005.  These have been replaced by 55 five- year members during the year, which is roughly in proportion to the change in size of the organisation over that period. Cycling activities are recovering in some areas.  The Lancashire group has seen growing attendances under new area secretary Rob Burrow.  John Kemp has set up a new group in the North Peak and South Pennines, operating mid-week and week-ends. The Rough-Stuff Journal The editor has continued to produce six journals per year in timely fashion.  The executive has released funds to the editor to increase the number of pages.  Unfortunately distribution costs are a disproportionate amount of the additional cost of a larger journal, as it moves us into the next postage band.  The fatter journals are therefore published from time to time, not each issue. Publicity As Public Relations Officer, Steven Griffith has carefully managed our advertising policy to maximise our media presence within a tight budget.  We have trialled advertising in a range of magazines and have found the CTC the most worthwhile.  Small name-card sized recruitment cards have proved successful although the York rally remains our most successful shop front.  This year we have benefited from an article commissioned by the CTC for their magazine, recognising our 50th anniversary.  The article contrasted old and new attitudes to rough-stuff by reference to crossing the Lairig Ghru.  Our website www.rsf.org.uk run by John Brewer obtains increasing traffic.  It links to Wiggle mail order cycle parts suppliers, from whom we gain growing commission on sales.  Websites are also run by the Lancashire and South Lakes area groups. Accounts The Fellowship has lost £554 for the year.  This is in line with our plans gradually to release some of our accumulated funds to improve the journal.  An additional £1,167 was spent on the journal, entirely to increase production values.  The non-journal costs of the fellowship were roughly constant at around £1,500.  Within that fixed total, we increased expenditure on publicity and made special expenditure for the 50th anniversary, thus containing other categories of expenditure.  Membership income has been roughly constant, but sundry sources of income have increased by about £600, including £150 from the CTC article.  From next year, we will be recovering tax on donations if the donor gives them as Gift Aid.  Sales commission from Wiggle, achieved when people click through from our website to theirs, has increased to over £100. SIGNED: Steven GRIFFITH, Simon C PRESTON, Ivan VIEHOFF (Directors) Easter Meet Report by Peter Kenner Into the Fellowship’s second half century and a return to wild Wales. Possibly the venue was considered a bit too far for some, but they missed riding in some dramatic, traditional rough stuff scenery. One member who didn’t find the distance too great came down from the Highlands, However he apparently, took about 12 months to reach the meet and was said to have been heard muttering into his beer about the Gobi desert and Tierra del Fuego. Whilst some members went off exploring there were organised rides on all four days, ably led by Bob McHardy, Pat Lloyd and Steve Griffth. On the Friday Bob led a run on the old railway trail across Tregaron Bog, up and over, an excellent track from FfairRhos to Ysbyty, and on to Devils Bridge for lunch. The afternoon saw divisions (amicable) with Bob finding more good off road, whilst some followed quiet lanes back to Tregaron. The evening slide and print competition was again excellently organised and presented by Harvey Bell. On Saturday Pat led one group via Blaencaron YH, to the remotest phone box in Britain, on to Soar Chapel and Tyncornel YH  for afternoon tea whilst Steve took another the Brefi and Doethie valleys. Pat’s group narrowly beat the Chairman’s to the tea and biscuits at Tyncornel. I think he’s losing his touch. The AGM was marked by two changes with Frank Brierley succeeding Pat Lloyd as President and Peter Kenner following Richard Harris as Secretary. After the meeting Rob Burrow present his excellent slide show as a tribute to, and based on the sketches and journals of, Bill Hill. Well done Rob and thank you! Sunday’s run, led by Steve, included a hastily organised, rain avoiding, brew stop at the President’s temporary hostel followed by a climb from Strata Florida to the Teifi Pools, and lunch at the water board’s bothy nearby. With good food, well served, at The Talbot, the dinner was followed by Frank Brierly presenting the prizes and awards to the competition winners. The Alan Mepham Shield was deservedly awarded to Rob Burrows  and Brian Parkinson for their revival of the Lancashire Group. Congratulations to all. I’m sure the membership will join in thanking the committee for an excellent Meet, and all officials for all their hard work throughout the year. Monday saw most starting on the road home whilst Bob McHardy led a morning run to Lampeter. A personal thanks to Jean Stevens for her excellent company at lunch at The Talbot.