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26th December 2017 Boxing Day Walk to Silverdale (Page two)

26th December 2017 Boxing Walk to Silverdale (Page two)
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A view of the church in Silverdale
A view of the signpost at end of the footpath at The Row
The cake photo at the Leighton Moss Café.
Walk report by Simeon Orme
Well we were lucky with the weather, it one of those rare Winter days with blue skies and with Sun shining low in the sky, I did expect that many folk to turn up as the event was only advertise on the Lancaster CTC website and the RSF website, so I was quite surprise to see Peter and John waiting for me in the car park at the Leighton Moss RSPB Visitor Centre carpark.

So we headed into Leighton Moss Café for brew and chat, we were soo join my three other members, for those of you wondering why cycling club would organise a walk on Boxing Day, I was told by late Fred Lloyd it was some thing that most cycling clubs did in the past and regular event on Lancaster CTC Section when the group reform in early 80's and for my sins I have be organising these walks off and on for last 20 years. The main reason we have walks in Silverdale and Arnside area is because the Leighton Moss Café is always open on a Boxing Day and usually can get good weather in this area of outstanding Natural Beauty, which locals boast that you can find different walk for each day of the year.

Once we had finished our brews, there was short section of tarmac before we following the footpath up to Trowbarrow Quarry which is now small nature reserve, from Trowbarrow we followed the footpath down to Redbridge, then followed the lane towards Hawes Water. We then walk around Hawes Water following first the footpath and then the bridleway towards Challan  Hall, then turn on to permit footpath which followed passed Challan Hall towards Waterslack. After passing through Waterslack we followed various footpaths through Eaves Wood before dropping down into Elmslack. From Elmslack we again followed various footpaths and sections on the tarmac down to the Cove.

From Cove we followed the footpath through the fields into Silverdale. After walking through Silverdale, we followed the footpath from Church in Silverdale through the fields to the Row where there was another section on tarmac as we walk passed Bank Well before following the footpath across Silverdale Golf Course before another section on tarmac and soon back at cars in the car park. After rucksacks had be left in the cars we headed back into Leighton Moss Café for coffee and cakes.

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