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17th August 2014: A ride to Grange-Over-Sands

At he start of the ride outside the Derby Arms.

A door in Mill Side.

Reflections on the lane up to Beck Head.

Old fence post at side of the lane up to Beck Head.

The view looking back down the bridleway towards Beck Head.

A view of the stables at Witherslack Hall Farm.

The view looking back up the road at Middle Low Wood.

Blackberries at side of the road.

Clay drainage pipes at side of the road.

Looking back on the public way to Bleacrag Road.

Honeysuckle at side of Tarn Green Road

A view of the Winster Valley from Tarn Green Road.

Another view of the Winster Valley from Tarn Green Road.

The view from top of the public way from Sallow Mire.

The cake photo at Harry’s Cafe Bar at Yew Tree Barn in Low Newton.

A of the coffee at Harry’s Cafe Bar.

Looking back towards High Hampsfield Farm on the upgraded bridleway.

Heading along the bridleway towards Merle Wood.

Jeremy at end the new bridleway from High Hempsfield Farm where its meet up with the public way from Hampsfield to Grange-Over-Sands

A tree at the side of the track in Bishop’s Allotment.

Lunch time in Grange-Over-Sands

Some artwork at our lunch stop.

At start of the upgraded bridleway in Low Meathop.

A view of the bridge over the River Winster on the new bridleway.

Blackberries at side of the bridleway.

Heading along the bridleway towards Nichols Wood Farm

Cows in a field.

Damsons plums in hedgerow.

Post box in Town End.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

After meeting up with rest of the South Lakes Group at Derby Arms near Witherslack, it was one of rare those occasions that I was not leading the ride, so followed Norman and other members of the Group along the first short bit of bridleway through Strawberry Syke and then on section of road through Mill Side and then on to Beck Head where I decide to peel off and do my own thing, I let the other four members of the party power off up the track from Beck Head, I continue along the bridleway at slow pace looking for photo opportunities once I got to end of bridleway, I followed the road up to Witherslack Hall Farm and then continue to follow the tarmac through the woods, passing through North Lodge and then following the lane down through High Low Wood, Middle Low Wood and Low Low Wood. Part way along this lane, the rest of the group coming the opposite direction after doing the bridleway from Witherslack Hall Farm down to Knott Wood, I must point out, I not great fan of doing every bridleway possible, for me cycling is about going out seeing what out there! Anyway rest of the group zoom pass me up the hill I just come down, I continue through the Low Woods and following the tarmac down the Winster Valley for mile before following a delightful public way to Bleacrag Road which I followed down to Bleacrag Bridge which I use to cross over the River Winster and then headed up Holme Road before turning on to Tarn Green Road which stop a few time to take photos looking across the Winster Valley. Part way up Tarn Green Road, I met up with Jeremy coming the opposite direction who decide to bale out of South Lakes Group ride due to speed which was fair enough, I told him where I was heading to, he decide to tag along we continue up Tarn Green Road to Sallow Mire where we followed the short public way up to Height Road and slowly followed the road out of the Winster Valley and down to High Newton and along the road to Low Newton for coffee and cake at Harry’s Cafe Bar at Yew Tree Barn and yes I do like my cafe stops on rides unfortunately this was only one we got on this ride and did spend what save on not having afternoon cafe stop on plants at Abi & Toms Garden Plant at Halecat Nurseries later on in the day after the ride.

After our late morning cafe stop, we followed the lanes from Low Newton around to Hampsfield. In Hampsfield, we headed up the newly upgraded bridleway from High Hampsfield Farm which is a lot drier than lower track from Hampsfield which it meet up with, we followed the bridleway and then public way down into Grange-Over-Sands where we stop for lunch.

After lunch we continue through Grange-Over-Sands before following the lanes around to Low Meathop where we headed along another upgraded bridleway (which the farmer not that please about) to Lindale. From Lindale there was some more road before we headed along the last track of the day, this was bridleway starting just after Wilson House, there was short section of track from the B5277 to A590 which we had to cross over before following rest of the bridleway towards Nichols Wood Farm across fields before making my fourth crossing of the River Winster via interesting wooded bridge we pass through Nichols Wood Farm and followed the bridleway through Nichols Woods, we soon back on tarmac again. We then followed the lanes back through Witherslack and Town End back to cars park near the Derby Arms.

If you were wondering were rest of the South Lakes Group got up to on their ride you can read the ride report on the RSF website at this link.

You can click here to download the gps route files of the ride or you can find out about where the South Lakes Group is going next by checking out the Diary of cycle club Events. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You can click here see the photos of 24th August ride of the South Lakes Group to Whitendale.

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