Local Area Groups of the RSF

The local area groups of the RSF organize most of the events on the RSF events calendar each year accept for the Autumn Meet and the Easter Meet which are organize by the Executive Committee.

You can find the contact details for each local group on the RSF website, this part of the website is about the history of each group and about the members who go out on the local group rides.

Local groups come and go the oldest local group in 2017  is the Lancashire Group which first started in 1955 by Peter Worthington, the founding area secretary of the group. Each the local group as to have Area Secretary who act as the leader for that group and is elect each year at the Annual General Meeting held on the Saturday night of the Easter Meet weekend to serve one year term in office, the Area Secretary is also committee member of the Executive Committee. One of the longest serving Area Secretaries is George Berwick of Vagabonds Group who been the group secretary seen 1975. Your webmaster comes from family with three Area Secretaries in the family these being Simeon Orme from 1993 to 2012, Derek Orme (father to Simeon) in 1963 and Pat Orme (most of you know as Pat Lloyd mother to Simeon) from 1964 to 1965.

In July 1964 your webmaster major cause of the old South Lakes Group folding by being born but made up for it by reforming the Group in 1993 as section of Lancashire Group and three years later in 1996 it became local group.

You can see list of local groups from 1955 to present date at this link


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