Welcome to this section of ‘Where’s the Brew Stop? The off-road cycle touring website’ about the Rough-Stuff Fellowship, the world oldest off-road cycle touring club, it did a few years ago to reflect modern times change its name to the ‘RSF the off-road cycle cub’, yes the RSF does have its own website at this link but this section of this website is about history of the club which over sixty years long.

This section of the website is best view on desktop computer with cup of coffee or tea and with piece of cake, its work in process which may take several years to complete, it was first started to tidy up main part website of content about the RSF and move it into own section.  If you have any memories or old photos of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship you wish to share you can e-mail to Simeon the webmaster of this site at simeonorme[at]

The club as been UK based seen being form on 29th May in 1955 at the Black Swan Hotel on West Street in Leominster ( You can read account of the inaugural meeting by Bob Harrison at this link) with aim of banding together those cyclists who traverse rougher and quieter routes as part of their pastime, to add to their enjoyment and appreciation of the countyside.

The RSF as local groups in many parts of the UK but mainly based in Northern England which organize most of its events with the national committee organizing the Easter Meet weekend and the Autumn Meet Weekend .

In the RSF prizes and awards you a bit about the history of awards, in the Members of note its about the members who make up the RSF and some personal cycling heroes of the webmaster, In What the Press said you can read a few articles about what the press as said about the RSF and in From the Archives this collection of articles about history of the RSF.

The webmaster will try update this part of website at least once month with something new about the RSF. 



About the RSF the off-road cycle touring club Section

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