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4th October 2006: A ride to Arten Gill (Page two)

The view looking down into Widdale.

Looking back, a bit further down the public byway.

Regrouping stop at Widdale Foot.

At the cafe in Hawes

At the cafe in Hawes.

Stopping to look at the view at Tom Croft Hill.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

For those of  you did know this! There is market on in Sedbergh on a Wednesday which parking in Sedbergh very difficult, the three cafes in Dent village are closed on Wednesday mornings in October and we end up in one local pubs for morning coffee, it was good job Nick was not out with us.

Anyway after everyone had found parking space we regroup at our normal starting point, for rides starting in Sedbergh at the free car park on Loftus Hill and the seven of us headed off toward Dent along route 68 of the national cycle network, after crossing over the River Rawthey, we headed through the village of Milithrop to followed the bridleway over into Dentdale (which is part of the Dales Way), we rejoin the tarmac just after Gate Manor, we then followed the main valley road up to Dent village, with the three cafes in Dent closed, we stop for morning  coffee in one of the pubs in the village.

After our short coffee break and short stop at one of  the village shops to buy some food, we carry on up the main valley road to Stonehouse, where we followed the bridleway up Arten Gill  which you can ride up after the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority spent a lot of time restoring surface back  to how it use to be! Its a pity that the North Yorkshire County Council has not done same with the unsurfaced unclassified county road from Arten Gill Moss to Widdle Foot  to bring it up same stands of the Arten Gill bridleway which is part of the Pennine Bridleway. Anyway getting back to the ride, we stop for lunch at the summit of the pass over into Widdale.

After lunch, we followed the track down into Widdale, the stretch of track between High Cross Gate and hardcore forest access track does need some work doing on it soon, as most of the party got off  walk various parts of this section of  track. The condition of  the rest of  track was a lot better, as we soon rejoined the tarmac at Widdale Foot, where we followed the B6255 into Hawes for afternoon cafe stop.

After our cafe stop we headed back along the A684 through Gardale back to the cars at Sedbergh.

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