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4th  March 2006: A ride over High Dolphinstay.

The view looking back down the Rawthey Valley from Cautley

Brian and Peter looking at the view near Cross Keys Hotel in Cautley

The view looking towards Cautley Spout

Heading towards Stennerskeugh

Regrouping after first bit of the climb out of Steenerskeugh

The view looking back down the bridleway.

A bit further up the track looking up towards Wild Boar Fell.

Brian heading up the track.

Peter stopping to look at the view.

The view looking towards the Howgills.

At summit of the pass over High Dolphinstay.

The view looking back towards the Lakeland Mountains in the distance.

The view looking down into Mallerstang.

The lunch stop

Getting ready to set off after lunch

The view looking down into Mallerstang from the bridleway.

Peter looking at the view.

The view looking back up to High Dolphinstay

Peter and Brian heading down the track.

Looking back at end of the bridleway.

A view of farm at side of B6259

A view of the fells as we head up the valley.

At the Moorcock Inn.

Regrouping stop in Garsdale near the church.

A view of the River Clough looking back up Garsdale.

A view of the Howgill Fells from Tom Croft Hill

Brian at Tom Croft Hill

Ride report by Simeon Orme

Well a lot of RSF members who were at the Easter Meet at Brough last year will remember this track, as High Dolphinsty was covered in cloud that day and some of you got a bit lost, why I think it is slowly becoming must do ride, when you are in the Yorkshire Dales, it also one of our chairman favour tracks. You should allow about 2 hours to enjoy this track and try picking clean day to see the views, in past few years; I have done this track every year, the best part is going through the gate at the summit, you got the views of Mallerstang & upper Eden valley on one side of the gate and on other side views of the Howgills Fells, Upper Lune Valley and the Lakeland Mountains

Any way getting back to the ride, we were planning on going up the Lune Valley and doing some tracks in Borrowdale and Bretherdale area but due to the snow on Friday and the snow freezing during the night, we decided it would be good ideal to change the route.

With the chairman visa running out on Friday afternoon and having to go home, with Geoff and Lynn thinking the start was in Kirkby Stephen and with the snow putting off other members, the five of us headed into Sedbergh for morning coffee at Ashton’s Bakery and Coffee Bar. After coffee Fred and Pat decided to go walking, that left myself, Peter Kenner and Brian Parkinson to headed up the A683, which we stay on until we turn off, to followed the road through the hamlet of The Street. We then turn on to the High Dolphinsty track, which followed up to summit where we stop for lunch.

After lunch we headed down into Mallerstang, with Brian riding all way down after hitting the tarmac we headed up the valley towards Garsdale Head, stopping at the Moorcock Inn for afternoon coffee before heading back along A684 to the cars at Sedbergh.

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