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19th March: The Settle Loop of the Pennine Bridleway.

Out side the Settle Down Cafe in Settle.

Heading up the bridleway from Lodge Farm.

The view looking back down into the Ribble Valley.

A bit further up the bridleway.

Looking back down the bridleway.

Nick crossing a flooded section of the track.

Heading along Lambert Lane.

Regrouping at end of the track

Heading up Stockdale Lane.

Looking back down Stockdale Lane.

At start of the track.

A bit further along the bridleway.


Looking back down the track.

A bit further up the bridleway.

Looking back down the bridleway

A lot more snow as further up the bridleway.

Nick closing the gate.

Geoff in the lead as we head further up the bridleway.

At the summit of the pass with Malham Tarn in the background.

Stopping for lunch

Getting ready to set off.

Heading down the bridleway towards Langscar.

A bit further down the track with closer view of Malham Tarn.

The signpost for the Pennine Bridleway

Looking back up the track.

The start of climb

A bit further up the bridleway.

Looking back down track towards Langscar Gate.

Heading around to Gorbeck


Another small climb.

Regrouping stop.

Heading down toward Ribble Valley.

On last part of Settle Loop from Clay Pits Plantation to Settle.

Re fueling

Regrouping back in Settle.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

After meeting in the Market Square in Settle, the six of us headed short distance down the B6480, yes I know it was only 500 yards to morning coffee stop but it was the only café we were going to see for several hours.

After our coffee stop, we continue down the B6480 for about mile, before turning on to Lodge Road, if you have low gears you can ride up to Lodge Farm but in my case I had to get off and walk, after passing through the farm yard, we followed the bridleway through Hudsa and Cowpasture Plantations, we then join Mitchell Lane for short distance before turning on to Gill Lane and Lambert Lane. We then rejoin the tarmac for short distance before turning on to Stockdale Lane, we were soon seeing snow on the side of the lane has we climb further up the dale, after turning off the tarmac section of the track, we were soon wading through snow drifts which slow our progress down, yes its hard work pushing your bike through snow but we soon made the summit of the track.

On the way down from the summit of the track, members of the party show different ways of riding through snow, I did like Nick way of bashing down through the snow drifts and then jumping off when his bike was about to give way! We soon stop for lunch with some good views of Malham Tarn in the valley below.

After lunch we decided to stay on the Settle Loop and not to drop down into valley to go around Malham Tarn, after about another mile we hit the hardcore surface of the northern section of the loop, we were soon freewheeling back down into Ribbledale, we were back in Settle for 3 o’clock.

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