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July 16th 2006: A ride along The Old Shap Road to Bretherdale and Borrowdale (Page two)

- Page one - Ride report -

The view looking back up Breatherdale

Nick on footbridge a bit further down Breatherdale

The view looking back up Bretherdale

At afternoon cafe stop at Teby Service Station

Nick swimming in Borrow Beck

On the bridge across Borrow Beck.

Heading pass High Borrowdale Farm

Heading up Borrowdale to the A6.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

The nine of  us headed out of Kendal along the cycle track, then along the banks of the River Kent before joining  the A6, we headed along the A6 for about mile before stopping at Morrison Supermarket for morning coffee where Brian found out that one of his peddles on his bike was just about to fall off ! So while the rest of  had morning coffee, he pay a visit to Halford’s  to buy a new part before joining us for coffee and after morning coffee the expert mechanics in the party so had back on the road.

After crossing over the A6, we  then followed Gillthwaiterigg  Road, then turn on to Garth Row Lane , we followed the lane through Oakbank, and then up to Garth Row (it should be noted that the section of lane between Coppice Howe Farm and Garth Row is nice white lane which best done in the Winter months of the year) where we rejoin the A6 which we followed for about mile before turning on to the road for Bannisdale, which we followed to Plough Farm , where join the first part of old Shap Road which  we followed through  to Bannisdale High Bridge where we rejoin the tarmac for short distance before turning on to another part of  the old road just after Thorn Cottage which followed through to Wolfhowe Plantation  where we rejoin the A6 for another short distance before following  the old road past Hollowgate before dropping down into Borrowdale where we crossed over Borrow Beck via  High Borrow Bridge. We then followed the road into Crookdale, where we stop for lunch on the banks of Crookdale Beck.

After lunch we continue up Crookdale, after crossing over Crookdale Bridge we then followed the briddleway (which is part of  old road) up to the A6. We then headed back down the A6 toward Kendal for short distance before following the briddleway over Red Crag down into Bretherdale, you can ride some parts of  the track but you find you have to walk most on it until you Greenhead where you join the tarmac again but well worth doing the track for the views. Anyway once we got to Bretherdale Head, we followed the lanes down the valley to Greenhomle where short detour to Tebay West Motor Services for afternoon tea.

After our afternoon tea we headed back to Kendal via Greenhomle, we then followed Pikestone Lane through Roundwaite to A685, we then then followed the briddleway up Borrowdale to the A6 and then followed the A6 back into Kendal arriving back at cars just after Seven o’clock . We did about 34 miles and we be out for 9 hours!

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