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8th January 2005: Kentmere and Longsleddale.

Outside Morrison’s where we stop for morning coffee


Fred Lloyd

Stopping to look at the view in Garnett Bridge.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

Due the gales the night before bring down many trees in the South Lakes and causing flooding in Carlisle, it was surprise to find ten fellow members at the start. Geoff and Lynne soon left us to head home to tidy up the garden from the night before.

The rest of us head out of Kendal via the cycle path and the A6 to Morrison’s for morning coffee.

After morning coffee we headed up Gillthwaiterigg Road, we were soon cycling through a flooded section of  road and further up the lane we had to crawl under a fallen tree. After waiting for Rod and Fred(who had puncture) we carry along the lanes and soon turn on to Garrnett Bridge Road.

After negotiating our way around or under further three trees which were blocking the road we finally got to Garrnett Bridge for one o clock, we headed up the Longsleddale valley for short distance before following the bridleway to Watchgate, half way along the track we stop for lunch and enjoy fine views of the Kent Valley.

At Watchgate we cross over the A6, where three builders were putting slates back on a roof that blown off the night before. We continue along the lanes to Patton Bridge, then followed Helme Lane, then Mealbank Road and the A685 back into Kendal.

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